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GLYCODUR® Product Finder

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Cylindrical Bushings - Standard Parts

Cylindrical Bushings - Special Dimension Parts


Flanged Bushings - Standard Parts

Flanged Bushings - Special Dimension Parts

Thrust Washer - Standard Parts

Thrust Washer - Special Dimension Parts

Strip Material - Standard Parts



Thin-walled Flanged Bushing (0,5 mm) - Special Dimension Parts

Rotation motion - dimensions

Oscillating motion - dimensions
Axial motion - dimensions

GLYCODUR® Material Recommendation

Design Type
Order designation
Bore diameter d [mm]
Bore diameter d [mm]
Outside diameter D [mm]
Outside diameter D [mm]
Bearing width B [mm]
Flange diameter D1 [mm]
Material thickness B1 [mm]
Nominal diameter lubrication hole [mm]
Height H [mm]
Hole diameter K [mm]
Hole pitch diameter J [mm]
Housing depth Ha [mm]
Height H [mm]
Usable width B1 [mm]
Length L [mm]
Width min. [mm]
Width max. [mm]
Strip height min. [mm]
Height max. [mm]
Length min. [mm]
Length max. [mm]
Housing tolerance
Housing bore diameter min. [mm]
Housing bore diameter max. [mm]
Housing tolerance
Shaft tolerance
Shaft diameter min. [mm]
Shaft diameter max. [mm]
Shaft tolerance
Bearing clearance
Bearing clearance min. μm]
Bearing clearance max. [μm]
Bore diameter min. [mm]
Bore diameter max. [mm]
Outside diameter min. [mm]
Outside diameter max. [mm]
Height min. [mm]
Height max. [mm]
Hole diameter min. [mm]
Hole diameter max. [mm]
Hole pitch diameter min. [mm]
Hole pitch diameter max. [mm]