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Calculation Example

Calculation procedure

The suspension of a vehicle (dry running) s to be equipped with paired GLYCODUR® plain bushings. 


Design data

Bolt diameter:d = 20 mm
Mean roughness of pin:Ra = 0.3 µm


Operating data

Radial load at the linkage point:Fr = 13750 N
Half angle of oscillationß = 0.6° [more info]
Oscillating frequency:f = 250 min-1
Operating temperature:t = 30 °C

Based on the design criteria bearing PG 202320 F with a dynamic load capa­city C = 30500 N is selected. It is necessary to check whether the bearing can be used at the given operating conditions and to determine the nominal service life. 

For the first check consider the pv diagram [more info]:

Specific bearing load

with K according to:
K = 80 MPa for GLYCODUR® F 
K = 120 MPa for GLYCODUR® A

Sliding velocity

with angle ß [more info]

These values are within the permissible area Ι in the pv diagram for 

GLYCODUR® F bearings. The following factors result:

Load Factor c1= 1[more info]
Velocity Factor c2= 1[more info]
Temperature Factor c3= 1[more info]
Roughness Factor c4= 0.8[more info]
Load Distribution Factor c5= 1*[more info]
KM= 480 
n= 1(as pv = 0.03 < 1)
* Due to the small oscillation angle a point load has been assumed.  

Nominal service life

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