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GLYCODUR® bearings, particularly GLYCODUR® A bearings, are, to a large part, insensitive to dirt. Foreign particles normally contained in the air are embed­ded without any problems in the sliding surface and therefore have no effect on the running properties of the bearings.

Where however the bearings are exposed to higher dirt contamination, sealing of the bearings should be provided. The efficiency of the insulation has a decisive effect on the service life of the bearings.

When selecting suitable seals it is ne­cessary to take into consideration the design, available space and acceptable expense. Simple and effective sealing can be accomplished if the bordering parts can be used (see ).


Even under heavy operating conditions, shaft seals provide adequate protection for GLYCODUR® bearings (see ).


Special insulation made of rubber, plastic or similar substances should be used under extreme operating conditions (see ). These seals have however a limited service life under extremely rough oper­ating conditions, for example under sandy conditions. If possible under the relevant operating conditions, additional protection can be obtained by periodic lubrication.


– Seal A

Sealing of a bearing by adjacent parts

– Seal B

Sealing of a bearing by shaft seal

– Seal C

Special seal

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