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Nominal Service Life Calculation Procedure for GLYCODUR® F under Dry Conditions

Many factors have an effect on the service life of a GLYCODUR® dry sliding bear­ing, e.g. load, sliding velocity, operating temperature, roughness of the mating sur­face etc. 

A calculation of the service life [Online Service Life Calculation - click here] can therefore only be an approximation. The approximate values for the nominal service life determined by the equation below will be reached by the majority of the bearings, and even exceeded in many cases. This has been confirmed by rig tests and historical results of actual operation.

For GLYCO­DUR® sliding bearings the relation between the nominal service life and the influencing factors indicated results from the equation:

Ghnominal service life, operating hours
pspecific bearing load, MPa [more info]
vsliding velocity, m/s
c1load factor [more info]
c2velocity factor [more info]
c3temperature factor [more info]
c4roughness factor [more info]
c5load distribution factor [more info]

Specific surface load p

The specific surface load can be de­termined by dividing the total bearing load (shaft weight plus applied load) by the bearing projected area (inner diameter × width). 

pspecific load, MPa
Fdynamic bearing load, N
Cdynamic load capacity, N


Specific load characteristic value

K = 80 MPa for GLYCODUR®

K = 120 MPa for GLYCODUR® A


The factor K mainly considers, that the bearing diameter and the operating clear­ance are increasing with increasing service life, thus reducing the contact ­sur­face between bearing and shaft.

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