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Roughness of Mating Surface

When deciding on the material to be used and the surface roughness of the mating surfaces, the conditions under which the bearing system is to operate are of con­siderable importance.

In most cases soft carbon steels with polished surfaces will be adequate.

Roughness measuring units (in accordance to ISO 4288)

Ra max0.4 μm0.8 μm
Rz max3 μm6 μm

For demanding applications, hardened mating surfaces with a minimum surface hardness of 50 HRC or featuring a surface treatment e.g. by hard chrome plating, nickel plating etc. are of great advan­tage. In these cases, Ra should not exceed 0.3 µm (12 µin) and Rz should not exceed 2 µm (80 µin). Improved surface finishes will improve the running characteristics; poor surface finishes will increase wear.

Roughness Factor c4

This will be taken into account by the roughness factor c4, when designing the bearing.

– Roughness Factor c4

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